Based in Istanbul, one of the most inspirational cities in the world, ttec designs, develops and manufactures mobile accessories since 1995 and is the Turkish market leader.

With a passion for quality, innovation, function and design, ttec has a high reputation and trust among its users and channel partners.

“Timeless design characterised by clarity and precise lines meets the utmost functionality. Thanks to our many years of experience and the consistent degree of innovation of our portfolio, we are able to look diligently to our claim to quality and use this as our benchmark to convince you with high-quality, modern accessories.”

Our accessories and care products combine simple elegance with our material mix of leather, premium textiles, aluminium and real wood and thus become stylish lifestyle products in themselves. Hence many of our products incorporate the original Apple colours and forms and thus protect your device without detracting from the design for which the Apple brand has long stood.

Ksix Mobile Tech was created in 2006 by Atlantis Internacional S.L., the leading company in the Spanish mobile device accessories distribution market.

Ksix is committed to quality and innovation. We combine technology and comfort in order to have the best product catalogue forMobile phones, Smartphones, Tablets and Action Cameras.

The right to exist

The audio market today is flooded with brands and models which almost all look alike. When we started Defunc in 2015, we were not interested in starting an enterprise for its own sake. So, we gave ourselves an ultimatum – If we couldn’t sit down for three hours and come up with a reason to start another headphone company – then it wasn’t worth doing. Existensberättigande is a big Swedish word meaning “the right to exist”. Defunc needed to create its own right to exist in order to make sense. And from that day, Defunc has tried to bring something new to the market in each of the audio categories. Our name stands for Design and Function. Design & Function = Defunc