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Smartycom is a Swiss company based in Aargau who is founded in 2015 and is active in Business Development, Sales Consulting, distribution, sourcing Accessories, Gadgets and IT technology. Furthermore we provide marketing and sales services, we are the direct link between producers, distributors and Retailers. With our infrastructure, we strive to deliver and meet the needs of our clients and dealers throughout Switzerland, Western and Eastern Europe. We as a company can draw on the many years of experience operating in the field of distribution of Mobile Technology, Accessories, and we are committed to quality. Our professionalism, our dedication to quality, and dedication to our clients are just some of the key features that make Smartycom a unique company in the offering of a variety of services. We offer these services with international standards and we strive to ensure customer satisfaction and form a long term relationships.


To make our company more accessible and to provide the right services, we have focused our establishment in four different departments. What makes Smartycom a distinguished establishment is that each department operates independently yet they work together to make Smartycom an efficient, professional and a serious partner in the offering of Mobile Technology services. We offer the distribution of Mobile Technologies and accessories, in Switzerland markets in a fast and efficient manner. Furthermore, we offer the services of production of mobile technologies based on the needs of each client. Our professional and well-trained staff is always at your disposal to meet your requirements in launching your mobile technology in the market by assisting you in the development of projects offering marketing services reaching new markets in various countries around East Europe. Operating at a high level we also offer trading services in the field of mobile technologies standing by your side at every step of the way.


Business Development
• With our extensive range of services, Business Development we sourcing the innovation Products and Brands to put in your longterm business.

• We are the right partner for efficient solutions in B2B marketplace and are the direct link between suppliers and customers.

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